Title: Where Is Everybody? Artist: Nine Inch Nails 195 plays
Maybe I wish I could try

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Title: I Would For You Artist: Nine Inch Nails 119 plays


Plastic bag landscapes, Vilde J. Rolfsen

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Title: Various Methods Of Escape Artist: Nine Inch Nails 1,025 plays
Why’d you have to make this so hard?
Title: Running Artist: Nine Inch Nails 29 plays
I'm running out of places I can hide from this

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This is an image I took and that makes it so much more amusing to me.

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Dirk is actually my manic pixie dream boy.

I would have literally five children with him provided all seven of us could daily wear Tom Ford, McQueen, Givenchy, and Louboutin
If you don’t think that’s true love, you can get outta my face.




They say “don’t play the race card” as they lay out their WHITE SILENCE LIMITED EDITION HOLOGRAPHIC DECK across the table.


*plays the Blue-Eyed White Misogyny card* *follows up with Reverse Racism trap card* *negates your Dark Magician with a We Have It Hard Too defense +3000*


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snakevenomisdelicious asked: I JUST NOTICED MY QUOTE IS ON YOUR BLOG OMG

My treasured Madame President 

Title: Birthday Cake (Remix) ft. Chris Brown Artist: Rihanna 116 plays

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Cymri struggles with Ellie and Bianca. 
Probably mostly Bianca.


New College of Florida 1960s 
Pei dorm complex 

Remember the time I lived in this with msscanty and —what’s Bianca’s tumblr, fuck…I actually know this.

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