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I’ve never agreed with [danduc] before he was mad about [topic/human at hand]”


Shōmei Tōmatsu

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zodiac aesthetics


aries: drunk edgy retro adventurer 
taurus: electric pixie retro zombie 
gemini: 70’s lolita wannabe witch 
cancer: plain goth circa hipster 
leo: dirty dubstep bi punk
virgo: apocalyptic steampunk winter disaster
libra: 40’s fantasy stoner ghoul 
scorpio: vintage vodka surrealist royalty  
sagittarius: magical destructive retrofuturist superhero 
capricorn: decadent anarchist sick revolutionary
aquarius: post-apocalyptic anarchist teen monstrosity
pisces: 90’s grunge sick geek

what if this is how Dirk and I theme our wedding though
(we’re both Pisces)

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lil mop head


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(I’m going to be the hottest and most boring person in their 20s though)
(Sike though)
(But somewhat really)
(I’m going to start talking about law things* to my co-workers and I am so sorry already)
(*given I am going to have to begin to search various things and find out why they were relevant to include in the first place because I don’t know why a moderately fair amount of this is relevant yet)

New endeavour: retype this law dictionary from 1991.
I’m excited to see how long this takes.

When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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it’s tomorrow

we have to save her

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We cannot educate white women and take them by the hand. Most of us are willing to help but we can’t do the white woman’s homework for her. That’s an energy drain. More times than she cares to remember, Nellie Wong, Asian American feminist writer, has been called by white women wanting a list of Asian American women who can give readings or workshops. We are in danger of being reduced to purvey­ors of resource lists.

Gloria Anzaldúa

Feminism needs to be authentically intersectional, or nothing at all. This speaks volumes

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maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way

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Shout out to interracial, bisexual, pansexual, genderfluid, and otherwise “gray” or “mixed” people who get to deal with shit from pretty much every angle all while having your identity erased, ignored, or redefined for you whenever another group sees fit. I see you, love you, and want to make things better.

(I actually comfortably fit no where: Topic of the Day)

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I really Internet regret nothing more than ever trying to learn about Israel-Palestine anything on Facebook because it has made people I used to trust a lot become really viscerally distressing to me.

Like fear brings out really ugly things in people?

I’ve also never seen an issue become so racialised in a way that’s not even mentally tangible to me anymore?

I always like being reminded that I’m not “good” at being a POC.

I always liked being so alienated from Jewish culture that I’m not even acknowledged as also being Jewish in any way whilst being blamed for not doing ‘anything’ to protect you from something no one has tried to make clear in a way that doesn’t feel like an attack or pressure.*

Because I’m really trying to make my Facebook be a shrine to anti-Semitism.

Because in my wanting to reclaim my Jewishness and knowing I want to rear my future children with, I want to have explicit fears about my and my family’s safety.

Because that makes so much fucking sense.

(*I’ve held the hands of black friends enabling various displays of anti-blackness and I’m very aware it isn’t easy, but don’t alienate people who share something with you that aren’t able to know about it? / I’m not the only estranged Jewish person who has felt alienated by you or this, so I know at least I’m not crazy).

I don’t know how you can say you wish a word were a slur, then aggressively negate the lived experience of a POC who has experienced that same word as a slur (where multiple factors are coming into play), and—???

(this is like when C and R were using the n-word to describe people and I was in the car with them and they were so angry [and scared] and like—)

~I want white people who are never going to say or do disconcerting white people things~
~~That’s all I want~~