I’m 5’6” and I fluctuate from 102 to 126 (I’m most often in 112-120) and all of that is still fairly low (102 area being definitely low) and like no, no, this is all very not okay and possibly super not healthy/realistic/these are probably not good goals for you at all~

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Stop this omg

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*gentle gasp*

"dis booty"

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Getting reaaaal familiar with Quinn’s shoes as I sit on the barricade/ground waiting for Brand New. My hearing is totally shot. Woop

Wow thanks for standing right in front of me, a 5’4” tall little tegan and sara fan, throughout t&s’s whole set and making me not able to see

I’m sorry, those are my shoes, and it appears I am the culprit in the great case of, “Who inconvenienced me in Boston?” Starting, unfortunately, you. I assure you, in no way, shape, or form, did I intend to spoil your time at the show. I am cursed and burdened with my stature, a walloping six feet and two inches, and happen to thoroughly enjoy Tegan and Sara’s music as well. If I’m ever in front of you at another concert, the odds of which bring astronomically low, please don’t hesitate to inform me of my height. I know, there’s not much I can do about being super tall, AND wanting to see one of my more favored bands up close, but who knows, maybe your complaints will magically reduce my interest in the band, or my height.

Alternatively, you could be the person that shows up four hours before the show starts, in order to make it to the front, and race the clock, maneuver through the teeming madness and milling multitudes of people, to claim your rightful throne at the front of the crowd. The choice, ultimately is yours. Again, I apologize for my genes, and the infinite number of possible universes that cursed you to be stuck behind me.

(I’m just really creeped out right now about this lil’ one finding my tumblr…)

Also just like what the hell/shut the fuck up/what’s wrong with this person/shut the fuck up/it’s not Quinn’s responsibility to move for whiny strangers who didn’t even appear to politely vocalise any kind of request like, what is this, I didn’t even read it all, I’m offended by challenges to Arianna and Arianna Part II: The Quinn.


you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly

They’re right.
I don’t understand.

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by Skyler Brown

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Progeny goals.

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Tumblr: Enact better online safety and protection for Tumblr users ›

I don’t even need to include the “hey, this is my friend and…” because this is real and can and does very much affect you as a tumblr user.

Beyonce - “Superpower”

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Sandro Bisaro
Ariake, 2013

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losing friends to people you helped them meet


or to a rapist/sexual assaulter who never gave an extensive fuck about them because he basically doesn’t feel emotions except for disgust, irritation, and anger
(because he talked about hating each of you with a cold dead look in his eyes before that isn’t normal/healthy, but also just whatever because he was more important to you than I ever was, but what the fuck did he do for any of you?)
(I would have done so much for all of you)
(I had done so much for enough of you)

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