I hate how my race glorifies being “thick”.



It’s disgusting. You’re not thick, you’re fat. Don’t tell me I’m thick, it’s more of an insult than being called fat.

Also, I hate being black. I hate our characteristics. My thighs will never be as small as I’d like them to because of my stupid fucking genes. I’ll never have long, straight hair unless I damage it with heat or kill it with chemicals, and then it all falls out anyway. I’ll never have tiny arms, because I’m already too fat and I already destroyed my body.

I hate myself.

I cain’t even say much because this was me like 3-4 years ago…

but gurl srsly. no boo. no.

This was incredibly sad for me to read.
There’s also a difference, I believe, in “thickness” and being overweight.
Straight hair is overrated, I have now grown to feel and it is has been those with naturally straight hair (i.e. the kind I had always lusted for) are all cooing over my extremely curly hair.

I’ve grown up with a lost of race/ethnicity identity crises and issues and conflicts and I can pretty much separate what is flawed thinking and what is not.

I no longer see attractiveness as being race related at all and I don’t think that hair is only good if it’s like “white people hair.”

It’s 2:11 AM and I probably mistyped a lot (I caught myself type “know” for “no”), but I do hope anyone and everyone who has felt inferior or subpar because of their race or ethnicity realises that they are incredibly and horribly wrong. 

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    This is sad. :(
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    This is what white supremacy has made (some of) our people
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    Self-hatred, much? My nigga, you need ta stop.
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