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Title: Non-Entity Artist: Nine Inch Nails 26 plays
Title: 1,000,000 Artist: Nine Inch Nails 6 plays
I wake up
On the floor
Start it up again
Like it matters anymore
I don't know
If it does
Is this really all
That there ever was?
Title: Where Is Everybody? (Version) Artist: Nine Inch Nails 267 plays

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Title: Cars Artist: Gary Numan 2,491 plays

Gary Numan - Cars (1978)

Title: Where Is Everybody? Artist: Nine Inch Nails 193 plays
Maybe I wish I could try
Title: I Would For You Artist: Nine Inch Nails 119 plays
Title: Various Methods Of Escape Artist: Nine Inch Nails 1,025 plays
Why’d you have to make this so hard?
Title: Running Artist: Nine Inch Nails 29 plays
I'm running out of places I can hide from this

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Title: Birthday Cake (Remix) ft. Chris Brown Artist: Rihanna 116 plays
Title: Say Something Artist: A Great Big World 4,931 plays
Title: Ego Artist: Beyoncé 109 plays
Usually I'm humble
Right now, I don't choose
You can leave with me
Or you could have the blues
Some call it arrogant
I call it confident
You decide when you find out what I'm working with
Damn, I know
I'm killing you with them legs
Better yet, them thighs
Matter of fact it's my smile, or maybe my eyes?
Boy, you're a sight to see
Kinda something like me
Title: The Lady is a Tramp Artist: Ella Fitzgerald 1,373 plays


My favourite version of my favourite swing song

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Title: Hello Artist: Beyoncé 39 plays
Don't fly me away
Don't need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart
You shelter my soul
You're my fire when I'm cold
I want you to know

You had me at hello (Hello)
Hello (Hello)
Hello (Hello)
You had me at hello (Hello)
Hello (Hello)
Hello (Hello)
It was many years ago (ago)
Baby when you (when you)
Stole my cool (stole my cool)
Cause you had me at hello (my cool)
Hello (Hello)
Hello (Hello, hello)
Hello, oh oh oh oh oh
Gotta feel you and be near you
You're the air that I breathe to survive
Gotta hold you, wanna show you
That without you my Sun doesn't shine
You don't have to try so hard for me to love you
Boy, without you my life just ain't the same
You don't have to try so hard for me to love you
You had me at hello
Title: ILL NIGGA ALERT (REMIX) Artist: 2 CHAINZ 33,895 plays



here’s da remix.

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Title: Disappointed Artist: Nine Inch Nails 315 plays

Nine Inch Nails - Disappointed

Can I ask you something; what did you expect?
So disappointed with what you get
Do you ever want to just get outta here?
So disappointed, just disappear